Barbara RAVNIK, MA, Director (barbara.ravnik[@]nms.si)
Miroslav VUTE, Legal Service (miroslav.vute[@]nms.si)
Marija JAKLIČ, Financial Service (marija.jaklic[@]nms.si)
Robert POŠEBAL, Financial Service (robert.posebal[@]nms.si)
Nada MIHEVC, Secretariat (nada.mihevc[@]nms.si)


Service for Movable Legacy and Museums
Marjeta MIKUŽ, PhD, museum councillor (marjeta.mikuz[@]nms.si)

The Archaelogical Department
Janka ISTENIČ, PhD, a head of the department, Antiquity (janka.istenic[@]nms.si)
Peter TURK, PhD, Prehistory (peter.turk[@]nms.si)
Tomaž NABERGOJ, PhD, High and Late Middle Ages (tomaz.nabergoj[@]nms.si)
Barbara JERIN, Documentation (barbara.jerin[@]nms.si)
Ida MURGELJ, MA, Documentation (ida.murgelj[@]nms.si)
Polona BITENC, Documentation (polona.bitenc[@]nms.si)
Helena BRAS KERNEL, Documentation – Antiquity (helena.bras[@]nms.si)
Vesna SVETLIČIČ TURK, Documentation – Prehistory (vesna.svetlicic[@]nms.si)
Boštjan LAHARNAR,PhD, Prehistory (bostjan.laharnar[@]nms.si)
Daša PAVLOVIČ, PhD, Early Middle Ages (dasa.pavlovic[@]nms.si)

The Graphics Cabinet
Blaženka FIRST, head of the department (blazenka.first[@]nms.si)
Darija MAVRIČ ČEH, MA (darija.mavric[@]nms.si)

The Numismatic Cabinet
assistant Prof. Alenka MIŠKEC, PhD, Antiquity (alenka.miskec[@]nms.si)
Andrej ŠEMROV, PhD, head of the department, Middle and New Ages, Contemporary (andrej.semrov[@]nms.si)
prof. Peter KOS, PhD, Antiquity (peter.kos[@]nms.si)

Department for History and Applied Art
Darko KNEZ, MA, head of the department, Documentation, Devotional Artefacts, Musical Instruments (darko.knez[@]nms.si)
assistant Prof. Mateja KOS, PhD, Ceramics and Glass, Paintings and Sculptures (mateja.kos[@]nms.si)
Tomaž LAZAR, PhD, History till 18th century, Weaponry and Combat Equipment (tomaz.lazar[@]nms.si)
Maja LOZAR ŠTAMCAR, PhD, Furniture, Clocks and Lighting (maja.lozar[@]nms.si)
Jože PODPEČNIK, MA, History (from 18th to 20th centuries), Faleristics (joze.podpecnik[@]nms.si)
Tomislav KAJFEŽ, MA, Documentation (tomo.kajfez[@]nms.si)
Gašper OITZL, MA (gasper.oitzl[@]nms.si)
Jernej KOTAR, PhD (jernej.kotar[@]nms.si)

The Department of Conservation and Restoration
Gorazd LEMAJIČ, MA, head of the department, Ceramics and Glass (gorazd.lemajic[@]nms.si)
Irma LANGUS HRIBAR, MA, Paintings, Numismatics, Policromatic Plastics, Gilt (irma.langus[@]nms.si)
Miran PFLAUM, MA, Copistics, Design of the Exhibitions (miran.pflaum[@]nms.si)
Janja SLABE, Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Plastic (janja.slabe[@]nms.si)
Damjan JESENOVEC, furniture, fumigating (damjan.jesenovec[@]nms.si)
Igor RAVBAR, Weapon and Armors, Metallic Objects of Artificial Craft, Manufacture of Replicas (igor.ravbar[@]nms.si)
Nataša NEMEČEK, MA, Metallic Objects of Arts Crafts, Assembled Materials, Organic Materials (natasa.nemecek[@]nms.si)
Sonja PEROVŠEK, Archaeological Objects (sonja.perovsek[@]nms.si)
Anita VIRAG, Archaeological Objects (anita.virag[@]nms.si)

Barbara ROGAČ, head of Library (barbara.rogac[@]nms.si)
Urša PAJK, Lending and Information (urska.pajk[@]nms.si)
Iztok MOČEVNIK, Lending and Information (iztok.mocevnik[@]nms.si)
Marjan BLAŽON (marjan.blazon[@]nms.si)
Urška VIMER KOVAČEK (ursula.vimerkovacek[@]nms.si)

Museum Pedagogics
Andreja BREZNIK, PhD (andreja.breznik[@]nms.si)
Eva KOCUVAN (eva.kocuvan[@]nms.si)

Public Relations
Tinka H. SELIČ (tinka.selic[@]nms.si)

Photographic studio
Tomaž LAUKO (tomaz.lauko[@]nms.si)

Snežnik Castle Museum
Majda OBREZA ŠPEH (majda.obreza[@]nms.si)
Janez ŠPEH (janez.speh[@]nms.si)

Hiring Facilities
Tinka H. SELIČ (tinka.selic[@]nms.si)

Forwarding photos and drawings
Tomislav KAJFEŽ (tomo.kajfez[@]nms.si)

Museum Shop
Orders (blagajna[@]nms.si)

Technical service
Hamid KOSO (hamid.koso[@]nms.si)
Bojana MIŠVELJ (bojana.misvelj[@]nms.si)
Boštjan POGORELC (bostjan.pogorelc[@]nms.si)