WRITING FURNITURE IN SLOVENIA. Stories of Beauty, Power and Values from the 16th Century to the Present

From April 15 to October 31 2016 at the National Museum of Slovenia – Prešernova

Written word has always crucially contributed to the advancement of society. In writing furniture of everyday use our European history and the spirit of our forbears are reflected. Sixty exhibits attest to excellent masters who knew how to lure the most out of the materials used and in shapes and ornaments express the mentality of their day. After five hundred years of the ingenuity of past designers and makers it is now the turn of the present generation. 
Discover what shapes have been invented for the one function of writing and in what brilliant styles of art they have been fashioned in. Marvel at the beauty and sturdiness of wood and other materials sourced at home and abroad, as well as the techniques of production used by  designers and makers. Meet the male and female users, as well as the places where these pieces were created and where they were taken by fate.
In the age of smartphones and computer tablets, the literate world fashions texts on touchscreens or by dictation, saving them electronically and less and less on paper. Special writing surfaces and storage are no longer necessary. Working environment whose pivot is writing furniture, however, remains.

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