Knjige2The library functions today as a specialized library dealing with cultural affairs. The library has an official status as a public library and is open to local experts and foreign visitors, including a large number of students. For purposes of study, it is possible to view older material and printed matter of particular historical importance.

The contemporary literature in the library primarily comes from the fields relevant to the museum. Attempts are made to gather as many books as possible from the fields of numismatics, archaeology, applied art, cultural history, museum studies, and conservation.

The majority of publications are acquired through exchange with similar Slovenia and mostly foreign institutions. In addition to catalogues of periodic exhibitions, the museum also has several journals and serial publications for exchange: Argo, Situla, Catalogues and Monographs and Viri, Sources for Slovenian Material Culture.

Watch the virtual exhibition of our library.

Contact us:

  • Head of the library: Barbara Rogač, barbara.rogac[@], phone.: +386 1 241 44 67
  • Lending and information: Urša Pajk and Iztok Močevnik, citalnica[@], tel.: +386 1 241 44 63