Department for History and Applied Art

13 The Department of History and Applied Art keep records, collects, documents, preserved, studies, investigates, and displays museum exponents that present the stories of historical events, economic trends, everyday life, and artistic achievements, objects that bear information about the past. It offers the public a view into the historical periods that in part formed the present day reality of Slovenia and the Slovenes.
The concept of collecting objects that best and most fully show material culture and lifestyles in the past has been present from the very founding of the museum and is still the principle of this department today. Members of the department staff deal with the entire Slovenian territory in the chronological span from the Middle Ages to the present. The department contains more than 48,000 objects in collections, including nationally important material. The department is also responsible for individual objects from smaller collections that documents events and offer remembrances of individuals from Slovenian history.