A KNIGHT, A LADY AND A DRAGON. The Heritage of Medieval Warriors

Exhibited from 13th of December 2012 to 9th of February 2014 in the National Museum of  Slovenia – Metelkova

The history of the nobility and medieval warfare in Slovenia are among the blank spots in writing on Slovene history. In addition, these two fields are rife with stereotypes.

In this exhibition, which is the result of many years of research by the experts at the National Museum of Slovenia, the way of thinking and the social environment of our medieval ancestors is shown in a more objective, but also exciting light. The curators of the exhibition, Tomaž Nabergoj MA and Dr Tomaž Lazar, invited the participation of many colleagues and experts from museums and research institutions in Slovenia and abroad. The rich material from Slovene and foreign museums – objects, staged scenarios, replicas and films – reveal different aspects of knighthood in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age, placing them alongside today’s notions about this particular period of European history. The exhibition not only looks back, but also presents reflections of chivalric values in our everyday life.

During the exhibition you can also attend interesting lectures, guided tours and workshops. On sunny Saturdays, there will be a medieval camp outside the museum, where various groups will be presenting different methods of combat and life in the Middle Ages. Between 15 January and 15 March 2013, courtesy of the Slovene Cinematheque, you will be able to experience the era of knighthood on a large screen, whilst children can take their parents to the Puppet Theatre in Ljubljana and see the story of Makalonca.

Authors of an exhibition: Tomaž Nabergoj and Tomaž Lazar


About warriors in armors

A story of a sword

Kingdom for a horse

Bad boys

The big wide world

Behind castle walls

On the battle field

Fight for honor and love

Desires for chivalrous times and values