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Collection Highlights

Neanderthal flute

The oldest musical instrument in the world

Idol from the Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marshes)

A vessel made from fired clay in the form of a simplified human figure

Two appliqués

The oldest gold objects in Slovenia

Dugout canoe from the Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marshes)

More than 9 m long boat, dug out of a single oak trunk

Egyptian mummy

The only ancient Egyptian coffin with a human mummy in Slovenia

Vače Situla

One of the finest artefacts of situla art

Boundary stone

The stone delimiting the administrative territories of Aquileia and Emona

Imperial stone inscription

The inscription has to do with the construction of the Roman colony of Emona

Emona citizen

Gilded bronze statue

Ivory dolls

Extremely rare examples of preserved ivory dolls from the Roman period

Wooden traps

The technology, which has remained the same since the Bronze Age

Suit of armour by Valentin Siebenbürger

The only original, almost wholly preserved example of a knight’s suit of armour in Slovenia

Janez Avguštin Puhar, Self-portrait

The first Slovenian photographer and inventor