Two appliquésThe oldest gold objects in Slovenia
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Two appliqués

The oldest gold objects in Slovenia

These extraordinary appliqués were part of treasures deposited in the Bronze Age as an offering to gods on the shore of Lake Bled. The prestigious gold appliqués also indicate that the lake was an important centre of a cult. 

Gold artefacts were a rarity in the Bronze Age, and from where came the gold for making the ornaments' is unknown. Similar appliqués have been discovered in Switzerland, Bavaria and Hungary, mainly in Bronze Age fortified settlements and in the graves of wealthy women.

The small perforations visible on the edges of ornaments that were made of thin gold metal, suggest the ribbons were secured to something, most likely stitched to a traditional garment, possibly headgear. The ornamentation bears markings of the solar and lunar year.
Object: Gold sewn-on ornaments from Bled 
Description: The oldest gold artefacts found in the territory of modern-day Slovenia 
Date/Period: 13th or 12th century BC  
Material: Gold 
Findspot: The shore of Lake Bled 
Location: Permanent exhibition The Earliest stories from the Crossroads at the National Museum of Slovenia

Further reading

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