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Stone axes and hammer

Stone axes and hammer
Item name:Stone axes and hammer
Dating:5th–3rd millennium BC
On display:The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads


Under the sign of the axe. Polished stone axes and hammers mark a significant change in the contemporary technology of stone tool production. People used such axes not only to fell trees for construction purposes and fuel, but also as weapons. They have been recovered in Neolithic and the Copper Age settlements, but also as stray, probably lost items, as river finds and as goods in Copper Age graves. The photo shows a selection of stray finds of axes from different sites in Slovenia. These items may be traces of now unknown and perhaps destroyed Neolithic and Copper Age settlements, or even the lost weapons of Neolithic hunters.


1. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 12.4 cm, Radohova vas, inv. no. P 6712.
2. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 11.7 cm, Kolpa near Banjaloka, inv. no. P 6391.
3. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 13.7 cm, Šumberk near Domžale, inv. no. B 5236.
4. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 9.6 cm, unknown site, Slovenia, inv. no. P 11356.
5. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 10.4 cm, Zagorje ob Sava, inv. no. P 3329.
6. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 13.5 cm, Ljubljana-Mestni log, inv. no. P 6962.
7. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 16 cm, Log near Dobrina (Rogatec), inv. no. P 10704.
8. Flat axe, stone, l. 10 cm, Zagorje ob Sava, inv. no. P 4319.
9. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 11 cm, Scotch, inv. no. P 2199.
10. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 11.5 cm, unknown site, Slovenia, inv. no. P 10846.
11. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 10 cm, Veliki Kamen near Senovo, inv. no. P 10834.
12.  Flat axe, stone, l. 7.6 cm, Kostanjevica na Krka, inv. no. P 3187.
13. Flat axe, stone, l. 8.6 cm, surroundings of Ptuj, inv. no. P 11411.
14. Flat axe, stone, l. 7.8 cm, Zagorje ob Sava, inv. no. P 4318.
15. Flat axe, stone, l. 4.9 cm, Kostanjevica na Krka, inv. no. P 3188.
16. Flat axe, stone, l. 4.9 cm, Lutrško selo, inv. no. P 4517.
17. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 9.7 cm, Jarše near Domžale, inv. no. P 14379.
18. Hammer, stone, l. 15.2 cm, Malahorna, inv. no. P 7105.
19. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 12.1 cm, Spodnje Pirniče, inv. no. P 15499.

Further reading

Turk, Peter and Turk, Matija, 2019: The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 127, pp. 90–91, 243–244.

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