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Stone axes and hammer

Stone axes and hammer
Item name:Stone axes and hammer
Dating:4th millennium BC
Findspot:River Ljubljanica
On display:The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads


Stone axes and a hammer from the River Ljubljanica, found downstream from its confluence with the Ljubija stream and near the pile-dwelling site at Hočevarica. The artefacts are probably associated with this settlement from the first half of the 4th millennium BC. They are made of different rocks (keratophyre, serpentinite, most of tuff or tuffitic sandstone), the axe at the bottom of jade, a mineral most likely imported from the western Alps (cf. Figs. 143–144).


1. Flat axe, stone, l. 13 cm, inv. no. In 4513.
2. Flat axe, stone, l. 13.9 cm, inv. no. In 4527.
3. Flat axe, stone, l. 12.9 cm, inv. no. In 4538.
4. Flat axe, stone, l. 13.4 cm, inv. no. In 4515.
5. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 11.3 cm, inv. no. In 4520.
6. Flat axe, stone, l. 10.7 cm, inv. no. In 4514.
7. Flat axe, stone, l. 11.7 cm, inv. no. P 17619.
8. Flat axe, stone, l. 12.8 cm, inv. no. In 4536.
9. Flat axe, stone, l. 10 cm, inv. no. In 4533.
10. Flat axe, stone, l. 11.2 cm, inv. no. In 4528.
11. Flat axe, stone, l. 11.2 cm, inv. no. In 4539.
12. Flat axe, stone, l. 11.1 cm, inv. no. In 4540.
13. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 7.2, inv. no. In 4519.
14.Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 9.8, inv. no. In 4512.
15. Shaft-hole axe, stone, l. 7.2, inv. no. P 18385.
16. Shaft-hole axe or hammer, stone, l. 6,8, inv. no. In 2469.
17. Flat axe, stone, l. 5.1 cm, inv. no. In 4542.
18. Flat axe, jade, l. 8 cm, inv. no. In 4518.

Further reading

Turk, Peter and Turk, Matija, 2019: The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 160, pp. 123, 245.

On display in the Permanent Exhibition