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Points from chert

Points from chert
Item name:Points from chert
Dating:2700–2400 BC
Findspot:Ig – Dežman pile-dwelling sites
On display:The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads


The elaborately worked bifacial points from Dežman pile-dwelling sites near Ig are made of high-quality chert. They could be used as daggers, as well as lance - or arrowheads.


1. Point, chert, l. 11 cm, Inv. No. B 9.
2. Point, chert, l. 11.6 cm, Inv. No. B 10.
3. Point, chert, l. 6.9 cm, Inv. No. B 20.
4. Point, chert, l. 9.8 cm, Inv. No. B 14.
5. Point, chert, l. 10.5 cm, Inv. No. B 11.
6. Point, chert, l. 10.2 cm, Inv. No. B 13.
7. Point, chert, l. 10 cm, Inv. No. B 7.

Further reading

Turk, Peter and Turk, Matija, 2019: The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 181, pp. 140, 246.

On display in the Permanent Exhibition