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Stone and copper axes

Stone and copper axes
Item name:Stone and copper axes
Dating:Second half of the 4th millennium BC
On display:The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads


Stone and copper axes next to two stone arrowheads from Šentjernej or Vrh pri Šentjerneju (south-eastern Slovenia). The National Museum of Slovenia keeps a collection of Copper Age objects that Ignac Kušljan, amateur archaeologist, found prior to World War I. They include a small flat copper axe and a stone axe or hammer with a groove for hafting. Hammers with similar grooves have frequently come to light near copper ore deposits and have been associated with copper smelting (cf. Fig. 251). They were presumably used to crush the ore. It is unclear how such an axe came to the plain of Krška ravan; together with the flat copper axe, it is one of the rare traces of copper metallurgy in the Copper Age outside the Ljubljansko barje.


1. Axe or hammer, stone, l. 8.9 cm, Inv. No. P 12245.
2. Flat axe, copper, l. 6 cm, Inv. No. P 12251.
3. Arrowhead, chert, l. 5.4 cm, Inv. No. P 12249.
4. Arrowhead, chert, l. 3.8 cm, Inv. No. P 12250.

Further reading

Turk, Peter and Turk, Matija, 2019: The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 199, pp. 157, 247.

On display in the Permanent Exhibition