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Dagger and sword from River Ljubljanica

Dagger and sword from River Ljubljanica
Item name:Dagger and sword from River Ljubljanica
Dating:16th–15th century BC
On display:The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads


The bronze long dagger and sword with a handguard plate from the River Ljubljanica have elegantly shaped blades that indicate their function as thrusting weapons – rapiers. Their handguard plates bear intricate geometric designs. Swords with handguard plates of this type were wide - spread from the western Pannonian fringes across central Slovenia to north-eastern Italy. In the 16th and 15th centuries BC, they represented the early phase in the development of Bronze Age swords. A century later, they predominantly had a flanged plate that formed the hilt together with grip plates (cf. Fig. 230).

1. Dagger with a hilt-plate, bronze, l. 26 cm, River Ljubljanica at Bevke, Inv. No. V 46152. 
2. Sword with a hilt-plate, bronze, l. 53.7 cm, River Ljubljanica at Blatna Brezovica, Inv. No. P 18384.

Further reading

Turk, Peter and Turk, Matija, 2019: The Earliest Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 226, pp. 179, 248.

On display in the Permanent Exhibition