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Church furnishings

Church furnishings
Item name:Church furnishings
Dating:Late 5th–6th c.
Findspot:Ajdovski gradec above Vranje near Sevnica
On display:Srednjeveške zgodbe s stičišča svetov


Numerous hilltop settlements have been documented on the territory of the Celeia Bishopric, including that on the hill of Ajdovski gradec above Vranje near Sevnica. Its ruins revealed two churches and a baptistery. They were constructed on the highest point of the settlement. Their interior walls were adorned with painted motifs, they had mortar floors and windows with glass panes.

The church on the lower-lying terrace was attached to the baptistery. It had a semicircular bench for the clergy. In front of it was a four-legged altar table of marble, which survives as a fragment of the edge of the mensa and two leg fragments. This church was probably a consignatorium, a place where confirmation took place.


Fragment of an altar table leg, marble, h. 11.7 cm, lower church, Inv. No. R 11651.

Fragment of an altar table leg, marble, h. 7.5 cm, lower church, Inv. No. R 11652.

Fragment of a mensa, marble, l. 15 cm, lower church, Inv. No. R 11530.

Window glass fragments, glass, glass pane l. 22.8 cm, lower church and baptistery, Inv. Nos. R 11492, R 11498, R 11500, R 11532–R 11534, R 11555, R 11569, R 11573.

Further reading

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