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Small finds

Small finds
Item name:Small finds
Dating:Late 5th and 6th c.
Findspot:Ajdovski gradec above Vranje near Sevnica
On display:Medival Stories from the Crossroads


The hill of Ajdovski gradec above Vranje near Sevnica holds one of the best researched remains of the hilltop settlements from the late 5th and 6th centuries in Slovenia. Part of the summit of the hill had already been inhabited in the second half of the 4th and the first half of the 5th century. In the late 5th century, a settlement proper was built according to a preconceived plan. The inhabitants buried their dead along the road outside the settlement. Thus far, 41 inhumation burials have been investigated.

The small finds recovered from the ruins tell of the everyday life of the inhabitants. They are items of jewellery, clothing and personal care.


1. Comb, bone, l. 11.05 cm, between Houses A and D, Inv. No. R 15812.

2. Belt buckle, bone and iron, h. 3.47 cm, House C, Inv. No. R 12128.

3. Tweezers, bronze, l. 7.3 cm, Inv. No. S 3103.

4. Decorative pin, bronze, l. 14.2 cm, Inv. No. S 3100.

5. Decorative pin, silver, l. 11.9 cm, House A, Inv. No. R 11686.

6. Decorative pin, silver, l. 7.5 cm, upper church, Inv. No. R 11485.

7. Decorative pin, bronze and silver, l. 8.63 cm, Inv. No. S 3101.

8. Decorative pin, bronze, l. 4.5 cm, House G, Inv. No. R 14660.

9. Earring, silver and glass, h. 2.7 cm, Grave 22, Inv. No. R 11476.

Further reading

Knific, Timotej in Nabergoj, Tomaž, 2016: Medieval Stories from the Crossroads, Ljubljana, Fig. 32, pp. 31, 220.

On display in the Permanent Exhibition