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Mortarium and quern stone

Mortarium and quern stone
Item name:Mortarium and quern stone
Dating:Late 5th and 6th c.
Findspot:Ajdovski gradec above Vranje near Sevnica
On display:On display in the Permanent Exhibition


The inhabitants of remote hilltop settlements had to provide their own food. Most of the bones belonged to sheep and goats, many also to cattle, pigs and poultry. Bones of wild animals were scarce and belonged to roe deer, wild boar and hare; there were also some fish bones. They also grew grain and gathered wild fruits. Cereals were ground with quern stones and hard foodstuffs were ground in mortars.


Mortarium, marble, h. 26 cm, House A, Inv. No. R 11756.

Quern stone, stone, diam. 37 cm, area of House G, Inv. No. R 27101.

Further reading

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On display in the Permanent Exhibition