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Guided Tour of Famous Objects from the 14th Century to the Present

The guided tour of the exhibition of the History and Arts Collection, which is designed as a viewing depot, takes place in a modern museum building on the site of the National Museum of Slovenia – Metelkova. The exhibited museum objects tell of the way of life and work in Slovenia over the last seven centuries, about the creativity and skills of our ancestors. Many are tied to the famous men and women, as well as to the cities, villages and castles across the country.

During the stroll through the eight themed galleries, we find out about the most famous objects that stand out by their rarity or production, such as the almost completely preserved example of a real “knightly” armour (from the 1530s), the only one in our country, Hasan’s coat (the last third of the 16th and mid-17th century) – a treasure of global significance from the war booty of the Battle of Sisak (1593), the pochetteor pocket violin (1679) – the oldest dated string instrument in the Slovenian public collections, the artfully constructed and historically eloquent Kostanjevica Challice (1749), as well as many others.

Information and bookings

Admission fee according to price list, additional charge for guided tour.
Duration: 60 minutes
Venue: National Museum of Slovenia

Information and bookings: every workday between 9 am and 2 pm:

  • T. +386 1 241 44 39 
  • M. +386 51 384 888
  • E. arheozabava@nms.si