Content marketing: basics for the creative sector
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Content marketing: basics for the creative sector

Workshop: 14:00–15:00
Example of good practice: 15:00–15:30

The National Museum of Slovenia will organize a series of online workshops, hosted by Christina Forster from Heartbeats Innovation & Communication within the CerDee project and in collaboration with the Centre for Creativity. In the workshops we will present the basics of content marketing for the creative sector. Each workshop will be followed by good practices examples by two ceramic designers from Slovenia, Hana Karim and Vera Stanković.

Reaching and communicating with target groups is becoming more and more demanding for companies, organizations, self-employed and creatives with the constant growth of the digital world. This is completely understandable, as we are all saturated with new messages – according to the latest statistics, we receive a total of up to 10,000 messages from various brands in one day online and live. As a result, individual brands find it difficult to get the attention of their target groups.

At this point, content marketing allows us to reach the right people with the right message at the right time on the right channel(s). And not only that: content marketing can greatly contribute to the growth of the value of a particular brand, as well as to the achievement of a set goals and allows the customers to establish a connection with the brand online at their own time.

The workshop will address:

  • The most important tools of content marketing

  • How to tell a story and how to find the ‘right’ stories for your brand
  • How to find the best channels and best sales formats for your brand
  • Trends in content marketing: responsible storytelling and the impact of communication
  • Simple process of creating a ‘customer online experience’
  • How to create and implement a content plan

The workshop and presentations will be held in English. 



Tuesday, 20th October 2020

# 1 Introduction + Ideas: How Content Marketing and Storytelling can Become the Biggest Support

The first part of the e-workshop is dedicated to learning how content marketing can help you achieve your business goals and learning about the tools with which we achieve them. We will look not only at how to find the best stories for your brand, but also how to choose the right forms and channels (social networks) to tell these stories.

Best Practice Example: Hana Karim

Tuesday, 27th October 2020

# 2 Trends + Tactics: How to Structure and Implement Content Marketing

In the second part of the e-workshop, we will take a quick look at the latest trends in content marketing, such as responsible storytelling and the impact of communication. We will look at simple steps on how to create a ‘customer online experience’ and a content plan with the resources at your disposal.

Best Practice Example:  Vera Stanković


Christina Forster

Christina Forster

Christina believes that every company, brand or product has a story. A very good story. Her story began in the field of journalism, but as early as 2005, she moved from the print media to the online environment. In the eight years she later spent in London, she discovered the impact of content marketing, storytelling and responsible communication on sustainable business success – something that later became her greatest passion. Since then, Christina has been helping her clients (from corporations to NGOs and small businesses) create internal and external people-centered communication. During her career, Christina has worked in the fashion, sports and music industries with companies and organizations such as Red Bull, Nivea, Labello, WWF or Cisco Austria. He currently works as a responsible partner for Heartbeats Innovation & Communication, which has offices in Vienna and Ljubljana.

More information: https://www.weareheartbeats.com/

Hana Karim (photo: Manca Kocjančič)
Hana Karim: Plates

Hana Karim

Hana is a ceramic designer and lives and works in Ljubljana. In her studio she organizes ceramics workshops and designs mostly functional ceramics. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, Art pedagogy with a degree in sculpture, more precisely in miniature sculpture and its relation to the human body. During this time and for several years after her studies, she devoted herself strongly to the design of ceramic jewelry, with which she continuously maneuvered between the sculpture and the decorative element. Later, she began researching the field of functional ceramics, in which she explores organic forms and vibrant colors transferred to the field of a useful object – a plate or bowl.

More information: https://www.hana-karim.com/

Vera Stanković
Vera Stanković: Move (photo: Peter Škrlep)

Vera Stanković

Academic painter and Master of Arts Vera Stanković is an award-winning artist, creative director and pedagogue. She will present her views on the art system and the ways to penetrate and survive in the market as a ceramic designer. Usually, ceramists are artists, designers, teachers, artisans and more. She will talk about this topic through her works that address this issue. In the work Self-service Pantheon, which she first exhibited at the prestigious 60th Premio Faenza exhibition, she sought, among other things, a way to measure the value of art.

More information: https://www.verastankovic.com/