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Floating Castle

Floating Castle festival is placing the acts, which are normally performed on stages, to specific environments around and in the Snežnik Castle. Concept of stage design is built by a group of 20 visual artists that connect the whole huge area into a visual story. Concerts can happen on the boat, dance performance by the river spring, puppet show in an old truck, performance in between trees. Shows can be placed in the castle, including its halls, terraces, yards and walls. Also market-place, chill-out areas, bridges and paths are part of a story, which can be majestic (amphitheatre with floating stage) or intimate (one to one performances).
The central idea behind the festival is incorporating and inclusivity. It tries to involve people from the local village; it tries to be friendly to children, to the elderly, and to the disabled; it is international and multilingual; it encourages visitors to be involved in the realisation of the festival; and it hosts numerous types of artists and other creative spirits, who bring a variety of art forms and methods and who throughout the three days and nights allow for both mindless as well as thoughtful and reflective entertainment.