30Exhibition of photographs by Srdjan Živulović commemorating the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence
27. 5. 2021 to 18. 5. 2022


27 May 2021 – 18 May 2022, Metelkova

"With an exhibition of my photographs from the period of these landmark historical events thirty years ago, I would like to show above all two million of our people who were on the streets and in the war, and wished for independence with their with heart and soul. These people were the heroes of independence. So we were all actors on the same stage. People who were anonymous and are still anonymous today helped day after day, from month to month, to make independence happen. Everyone had independence as their goal. I wanted to give recognition to these people without special glorification.

When I look at the events of that time today, it seems to me that everything happened in a generally positive mood, there was a great expectation of something better. Everyone wanted a change for the better. And that, I think, is reflected in my photographs from that time. This positive charge is key to this exhibition."

Srdjan Živulović

Srdjan Živulović in 1991

When Srdjan turns 13, his father, Dragan, gives him a most precious Christmas gift: his first camera. Photography enchants him for life. His camera has always been somewhere at hand, ever since. He even walks the distance from Šmartno to Litija to have his films developed at the Foto Zofi studio.

When choosing his profession, he first enrols in Secondary School for Electrical Engineering but soon realises this was a mistake. His mother, Hermina, advises him to choose a profession with frequent contact with people. The following school year, he enrols in the Secondary School for Photography and, assisted by his mentor, Ms Vladka Kobal, completes his education. While attending theory classes, the practical part of his education occurs in the Delo Photo Department, where photojournalism becomes his life’s passion. He gets his first job as a photographer at Institut za varilstvo (Welding Institute) but spends the weekends at Delo.

Working for the “Cultural Caravan by Cankarjev dom”, he meets his wife Urška, who has stood by his side ever since and remains an endless source of love and inspiration.

In 1985, getting a job as a journalist photographer at Delo is a dream come true. Mentored by Joco Žnidaršič, he works there until 1992.

In 1989, he submits, for the first time, a photo to the Yugoslav “Photograph of the Year” Competition, organised by the Tanjug Press Agency, and wins. His photo with the title of “Working class fighting for bread” dates from the time Yugoslavia starts falling apart as a federation. As an icon of the time, it continues to provoke emotions for years.

Srdjan Živulović persistently requests his employer, Delo, to send him to hot zones, such as Kosovo, Iraq, Turkey, Romania, or Israel.

On the last day of the Slovenian War for Independence, he becomes a member of the Reuters team.

Srdjan and his colleague Jože Suhadolnik set up a photo agency, Bobo, to support the newspaper Republika. With their diligent and planned activities, they create an impressive archive of photos related to the creation of the new state. The Bobo team become the official photographers of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, its Prime Minister, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, travelling with them around the globe.

Following the ongoing events, he is always on the front lines. He is also there during the first migrant wave in Slovenia.

In 2015, together with his Reuters colleagues, he won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for his photo of refugees on a dyke near Brežice.


Accompanying publication


Photography exhibition by Srdjan Živulović commemorating the 30th anniversary of Slovenia's independence
Razstava fotografij Srdjana Živulovića ob 30-letnici samostojnosti Slovenije

2021, 24 pages, 20,5 x 25,5 cm, broširano, ISBN 978-961-6981-48-4.
Price: 5 €. 

The publication brings a reproduction of all 36 photographs from the exhibition and an accompanying essay by the curator of the exhibition, Iztok Premrov. The text is in Slovene and English.

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