LjubljanicaA River and its Past
26. 2. 2009 to 27. 9. 2009


A River and its Past

26 Februar–27 September 2009, Muzejska

The Ljubljanica is a veritable treasure of history because of the rich finds that shed light on life at the river from prehistory to the modern age. The exhibition will present the river’s heritage with over one thousand finds, graphical images of the river, short films on the underwater world and archaeological research, and illustrated scenes from life in different periods. For the purpose of the exhibition, a medieval warrior has been reconstructed, as well as a replica of a modern-age dugout, illustrating the thousands of years of navigation on the Ljubljanica.

The Ljubljanica was declared a cultural monument of national importance as an exceptionally important archaeological site in 2003. The oldest finds date from the Middle Stone Age and many trace back to the Copper and Bronze ages, when settlements of pile dwellings existed in the Ljubljana Marsh (4th and 3rdmillennium BC). In the Bronze and Iron ages, the Ljubljanica was a river of vow offerings, early Roman military gear and utensils witness to the advance of the Romans, and medieval and more recent objects confirm that the Ljubljanica was an important traffic artery until the modern age. It was then that the first industrial works were erected in the environs of Ljubljana, and in the last centuries the river was large turned into an entertainment and park environment, while Plecnik’s architectural enhancement of its banks and his Tromostovje bridge made it into a jewel of the town.

The National Museum of Slovenia has around 6000 objects from the river. Besides their great quantity and diversity, many objects are exceptionally well preserved. The exhibition wishes to illustrate the global civilisation phenomenon of the relationship between rivers and settlements over thousands of years.



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