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The Knight, the Lady and the Dragon

The Heritage of Medieval Warriors 2: CATALOGUE
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Glavni in odgovorni uredniki: Tomaž Lazar, Tomaž Nabergoj, Polona Bitenc
Avtorja besedil: Tomaž Lazar, Tomaž Nabergoj

2018, 24,5 x 30,5 cm, trda vezava, 398 strani, ISBN 978-961-6981-10-1

Jezik: angleški



The knight, the lady and the dragon

Code of chivalry

Who were knights?

The story of the sword

Early years

Knight or nobleman

The story of the horse

Working life

The christian foundations of knighthood

Honour and estate

The big wide world

Ars moriendi

The different roles of castles

What actually went on in castles?

From day to day, from year to year

The written legacy of chivalry
The life of the elite

On the battlefield

Iron man

A new generation – a landsknechte


Bad neighbours

Nostalgia for the days of knighthood

The last true knights

20th century surprises

The Middle Ages return

Folk tradition

Knight's relatives

Knighthood always and everywhere

We could all be knights

The exhibition in picture



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