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Tweets from the past

Slovenian Archaeology through Sounds, Symbols and First Written Words
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Tweets from the Past.
Slovenian Archaeology through Sounds, Symbols and First Written Words

Katalog istoimenske razstave Tweets from the Past. Archäologie Sloweniens in Klängen, Symbolen und ältesten Schriftzeugnissen, ki bo na ogled od 13. oktobra 2023 do 17. marca 2024 v Arheološkem muzeju v Frankfurtu.

Odgovorna urednica: Dr. Daša Pavlovič

2023, 23 x 28 cm, trda vezava, 303 strani, ISBN 978-961-6981-71-2

Jezik: angleški


Dr Wolfgang David
Foreword from Frankfurt

DDr Mateja Kos Zabel
Foreword from Slovenia

Dr Daša Pavlovič
Introduction or why sounds, symbols and words


Dr Daša Pavlovič
'Without music, it could be that we would never have become human'

Assist. Prof. Dr Dimitrij Mlekuž
On baboons and symbols

Assist. Prof. Dr Luka Repanšek
Tweets from the Past: Slovenian archaeology through the first written words

- Prehistoric figurines – tangible expression of intangible ideas
- Kalinovjek near Turnišče – living with a symbolic lining
- Nova tabla near Murska Sobota – multifarious, meaningful and memorable
- Pod Kotom-jug near Krog – in the human image in life and death
- Gornje njive near Dolga vas – the figures of fertility
- Oloris near Dolnji Lakoš – graceful birds and the daily journey of the Sun
- Korovci – incised lines and their intrinsic implications
Bibliography Prekmurje

- Potočka zijalka – melodies of Palaeolithic hunters
- Anciet Celeia – a city of marble
- Late Roman Celeia – in the sign of the cross
- Ancient Poetovio – the largest city between the northern Adriatic and the Danube
- Fleeting words on flat wax
Bibliography Štajerska

- Kapiteljska njiva – a vast cemetery from prehistory
- Draga near Bela Cerkev – a Roman site in the countryside

- Podzemelj – pots for our lady
Bibliography Dolenjska and Bela krajina

- Vrtičnjak near Tupaliče – the mistress of destiny and her last resting place
- Blejski kot – Alpine landscape and its ancient legacy
- Bohinj – in the heart of the high mountains
- Ancient Carnium – a city of many cultures
Bibliography Gorenjska

- The Ljubljansko barje – waters, skies and those in between
- The Ljubljanica – a cult river
- Holding a medieval sword: what feelings, what emotions, what beliefs
- Ancient Nauportus – from the myth of the Argonauts to the Celtic Taurisci and the 
- Ancient Emona – a city on the crossroads
Bibliography Ljubljana and its surroundings

- Divje Babe – the sounds from the cave
- Kanalski Vrh – the signs of the sun and the Kanalski Vrh hoard
- Most na Soči – early traces on the emerald trail
- Berlotov rob – dedicated to ... writing in the Iron Age
- Vrh gradu on Šentviška planota – communicationg with the gods

- Kaštelir above Korte – prehistoric settlement with a view
Bibliography Northern Primorska and Slovenian Istra and the Kras

Hand in hand with people and things –
Slovenian museums participating in the exhibition

Exhibition credits



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